Scientology Church’s Response to Leah Remini’s Lawsuit Looks a Lot Like ‘Fair Game’

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The Church of Scientology has responded to ex-Scientologist Leah Remini’s lawsuit against it for harassment and stalking. However, rather than clear its name, the response seems to be an example of the Church using the “fair game” policy, which it claims to have canceled in 1968.

Remini filed her lawsuit on August 2, 2023, alleging that, for over a decade, the Church of Scientology had subjected her to harassment, stalking, and psychological torture in retaliation for her speaking out against it. She left the church in 2013 and began spreading awareness for the Church’s many controversies, including the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige (the wife of the Church’s current leader, David Miscavige), allegations of abuse coverups, and the Church’s fair game and disconnection policies which seek to shun and punish anyone who leaves or criticizes the organization. In her lawsuit, she listed dozens of instances of the Church’s harassment, including the Church using its tax-exempt funds to launch a defamation campaign against her on social media.

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