Satan is Getting Hot as Hell in American Pop Culture

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“I am your nightmare,” a possessed child tells Russell Crowe. “My nightmare is France winning the World Cup,” the actor fires back in the April 14 release, The Pope’s Exorcist. Opening the same day is Nefarious, a movie about a psychiatrist who must determine whether a man on death row who claims to be possessed by the devil is mentally fit enough to be executed.

In November, 2021, Pew Research reported that 62 percent of American adults believe in Hell, up from 58 percent in 2014, and pop culture appears to be taking full advantage of the curiosity that surrounds Hell and its inhabitants.

The Devil is front and center in movies, TV shows, podcasts and even children’s books. There are Satan After School Clubs, while the proliferating Satanist groups have their own political divisions.

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