Ruby Franke’s Husband, Kevin, Recounts Wife’s Disturbing Cult Behavior Before Abusing Kids

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In August 2023, Ruby Franke — a Utah mom who gave parenting advice on her family’s YouTube channel 8 Passengers — was arrested on charges of child abuse. She and her accomplice, Jodi Hildebrandt, pleaded guilty to four of the six counts. They were sentenced to between four and 30 years in prison in February 2024.

Now, Ruby’s husband, Kevin Franke, has opened up about the circumstances leading up to the horrific abuse. The mom vlogger reportedly exhibited disturbing cult-like behavior encouraged by Hildebrandt for years. The situation culminated with the Frankes’ 12-year-old emaciated and injured son escaping from Hildebrandt’s home and seeking help from neighbors, who called police. Law enforcement also rescued their 10-year-old daughter from the Utah residence.

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