Rose McGowan Escaped an Italian Polygamous Cult With Her Family

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Rose McGowan has found herself in the headlines for a number of reasons throughout her career. In order to fully understand her story and how she has come this far, we must first start with her upbringing. As a child, McGowan’s life was not like everyone else’s, as she grew up in a cult known as the Children of God. This polygamous cult is known for its infamous blend of free love and traditional Christian values, and had a tremendous effect on McGowan’s early life, according to an interview the actor did with People.

McGowan speaks with admiration about her parents. Her mother was fluent in three languages and graduated Phi Beta Kappa. However, her father, a talented artist, fell in with the Children of God.

McGowan learned to read by the age of 3 but also spoke of the fact that the cult would pressure people to have as many children as they could within a short period of time. If anyone made plans to leave, they would receive veiled threats about the welfare of their little ones.

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