‘Real-life Barbie’ is accused of running a ‘sect’ and POISONING her millions of followers by urging them to drink turpentine and breathe over mercury to rid their bodies of ‘parasites’

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A real-life ‘Barbie’ is accused of running a ‘sect’ and putting her followers at risk of poisoning.

Valeria Lukyankova – who has 2.5 million followers across several social media accounts – has suddenly this week closed a £13-a-month ‘club’ where she is alleged to have put her fans at risk with dangerous advice.

Known for years as the Ukrainian Barbie, she also styles herself as alien princess Amatue, and is facing a probe by the Russian police and prosecutors office despite being an avid Putin supporter.

Among the accusations against her is one that she has urged her followers to drink turpentine to rid their bodies of parasites.

Another claim is that she urged her female fans to breathe over mercury because ‘paranormal abilities and memory of past lives awaken’.

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