Rabbis Announce ‘Messiah Congress in the Holy Land’

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Rabbis of the Chabad movement, an Orthodox Jewish Hasidic denomination, announced on Wednesday that the “Messiah Congress in the Holy Land” will be held next week in the coastal city of Bat Yam.

According to a notice posted to Chabad.info, the gathering will feature discussion on how to better promote the “gospel of salvation and the Redeemer.”

By this the rabbis of this particular sect within Chabad are referring to the late Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Popularly known as the Lubavitcher Rebbe, he was one of the most influential Jewish religious leaders of the 20th century, and was recognized as such far beyond the Jewish community.

In 1978, the US Congress asked President Jimmy Carter to name the date of Schneerson’s birthday as Education Day, a national holiday that is today marked as Education and Sharing Day. Following his death in 1994, Schneerson was posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for his “outstanding and lasting contributions toward improvements in world education, morality, and acts of charity.”

Content retrieved from: https://www.israeltoday.co.il/read/rabbis-announce-messiah-congress-in-the-holy-land/.

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  1. Once a relatively mainstream Hasidic sect, the Lubavitchers seem to have become a personality cult, revering their dead leader an object of worship.

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