Police disrupt ‘psychic healing’ event in Tulsipur

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Police in Dang on Sunday disrupted an event organised by a self-proclaimed psychic healer Bharat Bhattarai. Bhattarai, who is from Lami in Pathari Shanishchare Municipality-7 of Morang district, became viral on social media for his purported ability to cure serious illnesses. Bhattarai identifies himself as astrologer Simanta KC.

According to police, Deputy Superintendent of Police Rajan Kumar Gautam, chief of the District Police Office, the police stepped in to stop the event since the organisers had not obtained permission from the authorities for such an event.

On Sunday, more than 300 people had gathered at the Trisiddheshwari Temple in Tulsipur Sub Metropolitan City for the event.

“People had gathered in large numbers, lured by Bhattarai’s promise to cure them by simply touching them or looking at them,” said Gautam. “He was spreading misinformation in the name of curing people.”

“The organisers had allegedly been deceiving people by telling them that Bhattarai can cure their ailments by simply touching their hands, face, or other body parts,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police Pushparaj Malla, who is also the chief of the Tulsipur Area Police Office.

According to Malla, people had come from Salyan, Rolpa and Banke districts to attend the event. Some of the attendees had arrived in Tulsipur on Saturday and had been staying in hotels.

“Scores of people bought the lie because they were desperate for a cure,” said Malla.

Content retrieved from: https://kathmandupost.com/province-no-5/2023/05/24/police-disrupt-psychic-healing-event-in-tulsipur.

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