Plymouth Brethren: Woman who grew up in church ‘cult’ says she was sexually abused and had no access to technology

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A woman born into a church she describes as a “cult”, where she claims she was sexually abused and grew up not being allowed to wear makeup, cut her hair or use technology, is now not of any faith and lives “a fulfilled life” despite her PTSD and anxiety from the experience.

Sarah Rowlands, 48, a sales manager, who lives in Wiltshire, was born into the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, a subset of the Christian evangelical movement, which is commonly referred to as a “cult” by ex-members – although the group denies being a cult, and instead refers to itself as a “mainstream Christian Church”.

The mum of two boys aged 19 and 15, who she would prefer not to name, claims she did not have a childhood due to the many restrictions placed on her by the church, which included not being allowed to attend any events outside the church, school assemblies or sex education classes, use GCSE textbooks not approved by the church or go to university.

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