People Are Sharing The Ways They Were Tricked Into Joining MLMs, And I Honestly Feel So Bad For Them

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Here are some of the stories from people who were tricked, or almost tricked, into an MLM scam:

  1. “I was a new immigrant and desperate for a job. I did not know about MLMs and wanted to do something myself. I paid money to work because the presentation showed a luxurious lifestyle (being able to own a house and a good car) and another girl with me realized what it was and told me about it when we were exiting our ‘interview.’ I began bawling. She saved me. I emailed the ‘recruiter’ and he said, ‘Here’s part of your money back.’ I am really grateful for that girl.”
  2. “I wanted to leave my husband, but I was eight months pregnant with no job and a toddler. I was told I would be able to focus and work while the baby slept and be able to save up some money to start a new life. I desperately wanted to get out of my situation and have my own income and life. I charged the cheapest starter kit, and later had to work with a debt relief company to lower the costs accumulated on that card from buying the mandatory $300 of products once a month. Obviously, it didn’t work out. I had no regular clients and no one ‘under’ me. I was just told I wasn’t trying hard enough.”

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