‘One Tree Hill’ Alum Bethany Joy Lenz Recalls Hitting a ‘Breaking Point’ Before Leaving Cult

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Bethany Joy Lenz got candid about the “breaking point” that led her to leave the cult she was a part of for a decade.

“There’s a lot of highs and lots of lows and at some point, you just are like, ‘Can I get off this ride, please? What’s wrong with me? Why am I so up and down all the time?’” Lenz, 42, explained to E! News on Thursday, September 7. “And sometimes it just takes a few people at the right moment saying, ‘It might not be anything wrong with you.’ And that can be a relief.”

The One Tree Hill alum also shared that she experienced “wild, vivid dreams” before her exit from the cult and felt “frustrated in [her] faith.”

“I had lost a lot of [my faith] along the way,” she admitted. “And one of my prayers was just sort of like, ‘You have to just meet me where I am because I don’t even know if I know who you are anymore,’ and that’s how God just kept showing up for me in spite of the fact that I was thrusting a middle finger up in the air and being like, ‘Screw you!’

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