One of Elon Musk’s top lieutenants at Twitter says she ‘grew up in a cult’

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Esther Crawford, one of Elon Musk’s top lieutenants at Twitter, “grew up in a cult.”

Before the billionaire bought Twitter in October, Crawford tweeted about the experience, saying it taught her a lot, including the importance of changing your mind when presented with new facts.

“We had lots of rules (can’t cut hair, no makeup, no pants, no tv, no secular music, etc) and hierarchical leadership,” Crawford wrote in a tweet on April 16, 2022. “We believed it was the ‘end times’ so I lived in fear of doing anything wrong & being left behind. I exited on my own when I was 19.”

She also shared a photo of herself growing up and with a current picture.

Crawford and a spokesperson for Twitter did not respond to requests for comment from Insider ahead of publication.

While Crawford did not specify exactly what “cult” she grew up in, she did say in an earlier tweet that it was a “very small/insular community” and a sect Christianity.

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  1. Some adults today recall a childhood spent in a cult. But none are to blame for such a past. Many children in cults grow up, leave and move on to successful lives.

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