One in 4 US Mormons has thought about leaving the LDS Church, study shows

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(RNS) — Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints rank the highest of all Americans in religiosity, worship attendance and other measures, according to the Public Religion Research Institute’s latest report about religion in American life. Yet the results are mixed, with Mormons’ responses to the survey showing a weakening of religiosity in some other areas.

PRRI’s survey, conducted in August of 2022, canvassed a sample of 5,872 American adults, of whom 94 identified as LDS (1.6% of the total sample). While the margin of error is high with any small subgroup, the results are thought provoking.

First, in what many U.S. Latter-day Saints will view as good news, they ranked or tied for first in having the highest percentage of any religion of people who pray, attend church at least a few times a year and visit with their religious leader.

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