Olivet Assembly Chief Mark Spisak Under Scrutiny in Money Laundering Probe

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Federal law enforcement is looking for information on World Olivet Assembly chief Mark Spisak, the first sign that a money laundering investigation into a small American Bible college has reached the top of a global Christian denomination.

Spisak, a theologian who once served in the Olivet sect in Britain, is one of the most senior disciples of Korean-American cleric David Jang and is now General Secretary of the World Olivet Assembly, a church that says it has followers in “every region of the world.”

The company that publishes Newsweek is locked in a legal dispute with the World Olivet Assembly and several institutions connected to Jang and his followers as part of a battle between the magazine’s two shareholders—a current member of the Olivet sect and a former one.

The World Olivet Assembly and its American branch, Olivet Assembly USA, have publicly distanced themselves from the legal troubles of David Jang’s college, Olivet University, which has been at the center of the criminal investigation by the Department of Homeland Security. Agents looking for evidence of visa fraud, money laundering and labor trafficking searched the university’s campus in Anza, California, in April 2021.

Content retrieved from: https://www.newsweek.com/olivet-assembly-chief-mark-spisak-under-scrutiny-money-laundering-probe-1768468.


  1. Much like cult hoppers that move from one cult to another true believers in conspiracy theories can likewise move from one paranoid belief to another. The key to stopping such a repetitive cycle is to take a break and unpack what happened. Examine it objectively, look for alternative perspectives and dispassionately employ a process of critical analysis.

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