No ‘Minimum Wage or Overtime’ and a Waiver of all Legal Rights: Read the Secret Pledge Scientologists are Forced to Sign to Work Inside the Controversial Religion

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People hoping to serve as a staff member of the controversial Church of Scientology must sign a lengthy and detailed document pledging to uphold and honor their religious commitment at all times, has learned.

The first section of the doc requires Scientologists to dedicate either “the next five years” or “two and one-half years” to the service of the Scientology religion and to accomplishing its goals.

In order to take on the role, the individual must prove themselves first by living in accordance with the highest levels of ethical conduct which they are expected to have read and understand.

Furthermore, future staff members believe that offering their service would be the “greatest thing” they could do to forward their “personal sacred goal” and “the betterment of mankind.”

Within the pledge shared by Tony Ortega are subsections detailing their active participation, conduct, post, financial support and how to properly resolve problems as a staff member of the Church of Scientology.

All staff members serving on the Church’s Day organization must be performing their religious responsibilities every weekday.

Those who are with the Church’s Foundation Organization must make the same commitment on evenings and weekends, according to the pledge obtained by

It has been revealed that staffers must be prepared to take on a “wide range of ministerial duties” which may range from introducing the public to services and programs to training, cooking food for parishioners, washing dishes or maintaining the facilities.

They must also study a minimum of 12.5 hours a week.

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