‘My great-granddad was cult leader with wild beliefs – from spaceman spies to God in UFO’

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A family was reportedly left gobsmacked after they discovered their great-granddad’s bizarre secret.

A Reddit user has claimed their grandfather’s dad was once a leading member of a cult known as ‘We the People of Yahweh’. The social media fan, who wished to remain anonymous, even had a letter they say proves their late relative had some pretty wacky beliefs.

The post displayed five pages of the letter outlining some of the group’s controversial tenets. “All knowledge comes from YAHWEH our beloved creator on Orion (heaven) and His blessed Son, Dr Joseph Jeffers, our Savior (hq USA) – there is no other,” the letter began.

It went on to describe how Yahweh – a deity, according to the group – would save his followers. “YAHWEH left His headquarters on Orion by spaceship,” the letter continued. “He will land on a high mountain near Phoenix, Arizona. He will pick up His son, Dr Joseph ‘Yahoshua’ Jeffers, the Savior and Remnant.”

Another page outlined the cult’s reported belief in Russian spies – in space. “From their base on the moon, the Russians watched our astronauts when they first landed on the moon in 1969 and other landings,” it read.

Content retrieved from: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/my-great-granddad-cult-leader-32773106.

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