‘My father strangled me until I thought I was dead… then he let go’: Children of Dutch doomsday cult tell of horrors of being held hostage by cultist parent who abused them for nearly a decade

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For nearly a decade, they were at the mercy of a father who saw himself as the new Messiah.

In a case that shocked the Netherlands, Gerrit-Jan van Dorsten was alleged to have confined nine of his children to the family’s farmhouse in a remote Dutch village, in the apparent belief he was preparing them for a new society called Eden.

There it was alleged that he sexually abused two of children, and repeatedly assaulted the others.

This week, the award-winning Dutch TV documentary series about the saga began airing on the BBC and was released in full online.

It features testimony from the four eldest children who opted to break away from their father’s influence – the other five have chosen to remain loyal to him.

Son Shin, 31, tells viewers in the third episode how the ‘worst experiences were the strangling’, with the father allegedly holding his grip on his son’s throat until ‘you thought you were dead.’

Meanwhile, his daughter Mar Jan, 30, says how she always feared that he would give her ‘a real beating’ and would ‘scream very loudly’.

Content retrieved from: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-12671569/Dutch-children-locked-cultist-father-Ruinerwold-Farm-abused-decade.html.

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