MLM-style tactic to hook student addicts [NSTTV]

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KUALA LUMPUR: Drug pushers are using a new tactic to expand their client base by offering “incentives” to addicts who can bring in more customers.

Describing it as akin to a multi-level marketing (MLM) strategy, National Anti-Drugs Agency (Nada) director-general Sutekno Ahmad Belon said the main targets of these pushers and addicts were school-going teenagers.

He said based on their checks, the pushers would prey on the addicts’ poor financial situation.

“They are now employing an MLM-style concept. For example, a pusher would give an addict five tubes of drugs.

“Two would be for the addict’s consumption, provided the addict manages to sell the other three tubes.

“In order to sell the remaining drugs, the addict would have to find other addicts, thus creating a new market. The easiest target for these addicts are secondary school students,” he said.

Sutekno said this strategy placed the burden of selling drugs on the addicts instead of the dealer.

Targeting schoolchildren, he added, made sense to the addicts as students had pocket money and were naturally curious to try new things.

“As such, when one market (school) gets saturated, the addicts will move on to a different school, thus widening the pool of potential drug addicts.”

Sutekno said parents often found it difficult to believe that their children were using drugs.

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