MLM Seller Jessie ‘Boss Lee’ Ward Dies After Trying to Cure Her Cancer Naturally

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A legend in the multi-level marketing world, Jessie “Boss Lee” Ward, vice president of Pruvit, a ketone supplement multi-level marketing company (MLM), has died after a brief battle with colon cancer.

Ward, who claimed to have recruited more than 12,000 sellers who worked under her, was also well-known in the direct selling industry for her business coaching courses, where for a tiered monthly fee she offered to teach people to increase their incomes and become coaches themselves.

In the world of anti-MLM activists, however, Ward was a deeply controversial figure.

In March, Ward shared with her hundreds of thousands of followers that she had been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer after routine blood work.

Ward’s oncologist advised her that aggressive chemotherapy could extend her life by two and a half years; otherwise, she would be “dead by Christmas,” Ward said in a podcast appearance in July.

“My surgeon and the oncologist are one hundred percent pimps. Not of women, of chemo. They love that hoe,” Ward said in an Instagram video, suggesting her doctors just wanted commissions. “I have never in my life seen such a strong and compelling sales pitch. They really should go into sales.”

Instead, she chose a different route.

“I’m very anti all of that,” Ward said in another TikTok she made from her hospital bed following surgery to remove part of her intestine. “I didn’t even give my dog chemo when she had cancer. I took a holistic route.”

She then detailed the regimen she would be following: sessions in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, “magnetic” treatments, “ozone” treatments, and “red-light therapy.”

Activists and bloggers in the anti-MLM world immediately took notice.

In April, Rebecca Watson, a blogger and founder of the Skepchick Network, made a video entitled “This MLM Influencer May Get Someone Killed.”

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