Man who was raised in an incestuous Mormon CULT opens up about the horrors that he was subjected to under the terrorizing rule of his abusive father and ‘leader’ – who fathered 163 CHILDREN with 14 WOMEN

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A man who grew up in an incestuous, polygamist, Mormon cult with 14 mothers and 163 siblings has opened up about the horrors that he was subjected to by its abusive leader.

Val Snow, 35, grew up in Utah in a strict Mormon community called the Kingston Group – officially known as the Davis County Cooperative Society and internally as The Order.

The Order is a cult that was started during the Great Depression which promotes polygamy and incest to keep bloodlines ‘pure.’

Val is the oldest of 12 children that his mother gave birth to in the cult, and has over 150 half-siblings.

In the podcast Cults to Consciousness, Val opened up about the physical and sexual abuse he faced at the hands of his father, John Daniel Kingston, while living in the Kingston Group.

As his mother was in a polyamorous relationship, Val admitted he didn’t even know that John Daniel Kingston – whom he calls Daniel – was his biological dad was until his sister figured it out.

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