Lori Vallow’s brother, uncle explain the ‘why’ behind current projects

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IDAHO, USA — Almost two months after a jury found Lori Vallow Daybell guilty on all counts, her brother and uncle are writing a book and doing a podcast about what led to her conviction.

Daybell was found guilty of the murders of her two children, JJ and Tylee Ryan, and the death of her husband’s former wife. Lori’s uncle, Rex Conner, said the family was “relieved” when the jury finally made up its mind.

“You never know until the verdict comes in,” he said. “You never know about the jury process, what they’ll do, what they hear.”

Lori’s brother, Adam Cox, said the verdict was “no surprise.” Although Lori is now waiting for her sentencing on July 31, both Adam and Rex said there are “gaps in the story,” which is why they are working on the podcast and book.

They released episode one of the podcast, “Tylee and JJ’s Silver Linings,” on June 30. Rex said the two will likely record nine more, although they might add more depending on how many viewer questions they decide to answer.

They are trying to get the book published as soon as possible.

“Being part of this book and podcast, I feel like it’s another way for me actually to get therapy and also help other people who may be going through similar things with their families,” Adam said.

Because while Adam said it is unlikely other families will go through something so extreme, he said lots of people deal with dysfunctional or estranged relationships with loved ones.

“Sometimes families cut other family members off,” Adam said, “or they don’t investigate, or they don’t do the right things to help, or they’re confused about what to do and if they are in a position to help.”

Adam said the last four years were not something he ever expected to happen to his family. Talking, writing and sharing his side of the story helps the long healing process.

Rex agrees.

“We stay in tune with each other’s needs and just try to be supportive of what each other needs to work through this,” he said. I don’t think any of us will ever work completely through it. I think it’ll be a lifelong process.”

They both said Lori is as much a stranger to them now as she is to the rest of the world. Although they are talking about Lori and how she changed throughout the years in both of the projects, Adam and Rex said they want to keep JJ and Tylee at the center.

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