Leader of Extreme Body Modification Cult Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

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Marius Gustavson, a 46-year-old Norwegian residing in north London, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for orchestrating a disturbing body modification cult, where irreversible mutilations were performed on numerous men. Alongside six co-defendants, Gustavson operated the “Eunuch Maker” website, enticing over 22,000 paying members to witness grotesque surgeries and sexual torture.

Prosecutors portrayed Gustavson as a manipulative figure who exploited vulnerable individuals, earning approximately £300,000 from the website’s subscribers. His heinous acts included mutilating at least 30 men between 2017 and 2021, with evidence suggesting instances of cannibalism and the sale of severed genitalia.

Gustavson’s sentencing revealed the extent of his depravity, as he was found guilty of electrocuting a 16-year-old boy and subjecting him to genital mutilation. The court described Gustavson’s actions as “human butchery,” emphasizing the absence of consent and the lifelong trauma inflicted upon the victims.

Six of Gustavson’s accomplices, lacking medical qualifications, were also sentenced for their roles in the gruesome enterprise. Their involvement ranged from assisting in surgeries to actively participating in the mutilations. The severity of their sentences reflects the gravity of their offenses and the lasting impact on the victims.

The court heard disturbing details of Gustavson’s past offenses, including fraud convictions in Norway. Despite the victims’ apparent consent, the prosecution underscored the unlawful nature of extreme body modifications and the irreparable harm caused to those involved.

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