Las Cruces ‘QAnon’ believer sentenced for threat

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An unhinged and threatening voice mail message left for a Texas congresswoman in May has resulted in a prison sentence for a Las Cruces man.

Michael David Fox, 60, was portrayed in a federal complaint as readily admitting to two FBI agents that he was the caller who left the message in which he addressed the representative and said, “You’re a man. … You’re literally a tranny and a pedophile,” before threatening to “put a bullet” in her face and launching into a stream of obscenities.

Law enforcement traced the call to the mobile phone Fox used to make the call on May 18. A week later, FBI agents visited Fox’s home and played him a recording of the call, according to the complaint, to which Fox reportedly said, “That’s me.”

The federal complaint does not name the victim, but states that her district includes Houston. That could apply to five different House districts that touch Houston, three of which are represented by women who are all Democrats.

Fox pleaded guilty in September to interstate transmission of threatening communication. Because he targeted the victim for being transgender, even though the belief was false, he received a hate crime sentencing enhancement. Fox was sentenced by federal district judge Kenneth J. Gonzales to 12 months plus one day in prison and a $4,000 fine, to be followed by three years of supervised release with mandatory mental health treatment and other conditions.

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