Kidnapped at night, starved & brainwashed into sick ‘confessions’… inside ‘cult-like’ £140K school for wayward teens

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THE shiny brochure shows kids on horseback, swimming in a lake and relaxing in a breathtaking setting of “237 acres, with plenty of outdoor recreational space and nature trails”.

But reality for the teenagers sent to the Academy at Ivy Ridge, in New York state, could not have been further from the idyllic image of the marketing material.

Kidnapped by strangers with handcuffs – often in the middle of the night while their parents stood by – they were locked indoors, banned from talking, looking out of the window or making eye contact.

Here, they suffered months of abuse, including solitary confinement, food and sleep deprivation and violent restraint.

The kids, classed as “troubled teens”, were “brainwashed” into false confessions of drug use and subjected to shocking verbal abuse, including one 13-year-old repeatedly told her dad’s death in a car crash was her fault and she should have died instead.

The school, which opened in 2001, was part of a multi-billion dollar industry that exploited parents’ fears over wayward teenagers, charging up to £140,000 to help “bring the family back together” with a tough love programme.

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