Jinger Duggar’s Escape From Family’s Cult-Like Religion Landed Her in Another Shady Church

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While plenty of people are praising Jinger Duggar for leaving her 19 Kids and Counting family’s uber strict religious sect behind, there are a few quiet murmurs about just how much freedom she’s found with husband Jeremy Vuolo. In fact, his church might be just as controlling as the Institute in Basic Life Principles is.

Jinger’s book, Becoming Free Indeed, gave readers a deep dive into the world of the IBLP and showed how men in the cult-like group ruled over female followers of the faith with an iron fist.

The IBLP may have tried to keep people in line by using fear, but it sounds like Jeremy’s religious group has a tactic all its own for keeping women in line, as vlogger Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball is pointing out in new Instagram posts.
Katie alleges that, as a pastor at Grace Community Church, Jeremy signed a document that features “racist, homophobic, and transphobic declarations” that their flock must affirm and deny.

She also says that the Protestant church, which was founded by John MacArthur, forces women to stay in abusive marriages.

“Those that have left their husbands have been shamed, blamed, stalked, harassed, publicly rebuked, threatened, and intimidated by church members and elders,” she writes in another post.

Content retrieved from: https://cafemom.com/entertainment/jinger-duggar-jeremy-controlling-religion.

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  1. It’s vitally important for former cult members to unpack their experience by studying the subject of cults generally, what defines a destructive cult and how they work, or there is a risk of being tricked and trapped by another cult.

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