Interview: ‘Escaping Twin Flames’ Co-Creators Can Attest to the Courage of Cult Survivors

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“They were made to believe they weren’t capable of functioning without the cult, and they needed to keep working on themselves endlessly,” says Escaping Twin Flames director and executive producer Cecilia Peck. “But that was all lies. Everyone in the cult is talented, conscientious, and capable of finding love and a productive life on the outside.”

Alongside executive producer and editor Inbal B. Lessner, ACE, Peck co-created the Netflix docuseries about the insidious manipulations of the Twin Flames Universe. The three-part series became a smash hit, and stands out as one of the most compassionate documentaries in recent memory. That compassion is evident throughout Awards Radar’s exclusive conversation with the producing duo, in which Peck and Lessner explain their commitment to exposing cults through film, and provide some exciting updates on the cult’s brave survivors. They have maintained a close bond with many of the survivors featured in the documentary, a testament to their sensitivity and understanding as filmmakers.

“Many of us have been in a relationship that initially seems good, but becomes controlling and abusive, whether at home or at work or elsewhere,” says Peck. “That dynamic is exactly the same as in cults. I think people are intrigued by the extremes in these groups, but what really resonates is how intelligent people can be drawn in and influenced by manipulators.”

Peck and Lessner previously created the STARZ docuseries Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult, so they are no strangers to the complex realities of those who fall victim to a cult’s predatory behavior. Across both series, the duo has had to navigate the project’s dual role as a work of television, but also a genuine piece of reportage. Towards the end of the editing process on Escaping Twin Flames, Lessner and her editing team received a hard drive containing highly troubling internal discussions amongst the Twin Flames Universe leadership.

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