Inside horrifying world of the Nullo castration cult whose followers use amateur ‘cutters’ or even vets to remove their private parts inspired by Japanese artist who sold his penis and testicles to eat for £800

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It is a practice that, even when just described, leaves most people squirming in their chairs.

The bizarre – and growing – Nullo movement sees mostly male subscribers cut off their own genitals and sometimes their nipples.

Many opt for a ‘smoothie’, a procedure that leaves them with a fully smooth groin, and more than half these people use amateur ‘cutters’ – often doctors or vets – or do it themselves

The most famous modern ‘Nullo’ is Japanese artist Mao Sugiyama, who had his penis and testicles surgically removed by a physician in March 2012 before charging diners. He has also had his nipples removed.

They had been certified free of infections and were frozen for two months before being served up at a banquet in Suginami, a residential area in western Tokyo.

After initially offering to cook his penis for a single guest for £800, he ended up charging five diners £160 each to eat the meal, which was garnished with mushrooms and parsley. Police went on to charge him with indecent exposure.

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