Influencers Are Claiming a $4,000 Hunk of Plastic Can Treat Infertility, Skinned Knees, and Autism

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“I HAVE LITERALLY never experienced anything that has had such a profound effect on multiple levels,” gushes the wellness influencer in the caption to her Instagram story. She’s a mom of four, pretty in the way most wellness influencers are, with long, well-conditioned tresses and skin that appears to glow from the inside. In the post, she’s holding up a small, thin, square-shaped device, with a teal-and-green swirl and a button in the center; it looks almost retrofuturist, like something you’d see on The Jetsons.

“I know it sounds crazy but it’s true,” she writes. “My eyes have been open to a whole new level of healing.” She then goes on to describe the myriad ways that the device has helped her health, from alleviating her PMS symptoms to reducing anxiety to healing her daughter’s sprained ankle.

The gadget that the influencer is plugging is the : a small, blue-and-white plastic disk whose makers claim emits individual microcurrent frequencies uniquely tailored to your individual health needs. It purports to use individualized microcurrent frequencies, or IMF, to enhance wellness or, as a representative told Rolling Stone, support “wellbeing through harmonization of the bioenergetic field.”

The device comes in various “editions,” which range from $500 to more than $4,000 for the “professional” version. It pairs with a smartphone and clips onto clothes, and comes with various adhesive electrodes that deliver customizable electromagnetic currents to the user’s body. The frequencies vary depending on the program group the user buys, ranging from health to beauty to sleep to skin care to chakras.

In addition to the Healy itself, the company sells a wide range of other products, from a watch ($230.50) that measures your “bioenergetic state” to the MagHealy, a $2,229 spherical disc that emits a specialized magnetic field intended to “harmonize your being, your immediate environment, and drinking water.” There’s even a module designed solely to optimize your pet’s “bioenergetic field,” available via subscription for $24.95 per month.

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