‘I’m sure Tom’s plan is to lure Suri into Scientology’. As Suri Cruise heads to university having not seen her dad in a decade, an ex-member of the controversial religion reveals her fears…

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Suri Cruise, or Suri Noelle as she prefers to be known, is radiantly confident in the spotlight. As befits a graduate from New York’s LaGuardia ‘Fame School’ — whose alumni include Jennifer Aniston and Timothee Chalamet — being the centre of attention suits her well.

Suri, 18, positively bounced on to the stage at her graduation last month to warm cheers from the audience. She blew a theatrical kiss before accepting her diploma.

Her mother Katie Holmes, 45, said: ‘My goal has always been to nurture her individuality. To make sure she’s 100 per cent herself, strong, confident and able.’

Since then Suri has been pictured smiling broadly, on a date in New York with her boyfriend, musician Toby Cohen.

She’s being talked about as the next ‘It Girl’ in the city — thanks to her sense of style and family background, which is intriguing. There’s even talk of a Vogue magazine cover.

Beautiful, popular and outgoing, Suri is a talented singer and vocals were her major at LaGuardia. Yet now she’s off. Leaving both New York and her mother’s protective embrace, she’s headed to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to study fashion.

It is a step Katie clearly supports, having surrounded Suri with a ‘fashion family’ in the absence of a real one. Indeed, Holmes herself is a big-hitter in the fashion world, with a widely admired sense of style.

As every mother knows, however, it is also at this point that a child starts to leave their orbit and pursue their own life path, leaving some to speculate on the possibility of Suri coming under the influence of the man Katie has long tried to keep at arm’s length — her father Tom Cruise, 62.

Multiple sources indicate that Suri has ‘no relationship’ with Cruise, and has had barely any contact for at least a decade.

Though nobody on either side will comment about the relationship — quite possibly because that was part of the divorce agreement — at the time of the split it was clear that Holmes wanted to keep Suri away from Scientology, the religious movement Cruise has been part of for almost 40 years.

Yet now Suri is 18, some believe he might attempt a rapprochement. Actress Leah Remini, who defected from Scientology, thinks Holmes needs to watch out, saying: ‘I’m sure [Cruise’s] master plan is to wait until Suri gets older so he can lure her into Scientology and away from her mother.’

Suri’s recent actions, however, tell a compelling story of almost total paternal estrangement.

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