I was warped by celebrity yoga cult loved by Kate Hudson, Demi Moore & Alicia Keys…I was made a slave by abusive master

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Charlotte Medlock spent four years at the Ra Ma Yoga Institute – and described how her life was turned upside down under the tyrannical leadership of Katie Griggs – better known as Guru Jagat.

Wooed by her “charismatic” nature, Charlotte said she found solace in Jagat’s Kundalini yoga, completed her teacher training and took up a job working as her marketing director.

Well-known as a yoga instructor for the stars, Charlotte said she was initially thrilled to be working for Jagat.

But she described the cult leader – who died suddenly aged 41 in 2021 – as a “tyrant” who turned her into a paranoid wreck.

Former devotees of Jagat have also accused her of manipulative and abuse practices, running a cult, spreading Covid conspiracy theories and platforming a Holocaust denier.

Content retrieved from: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/25055555/abusive-yoga-cult-mantras-cheese-diet/.

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