I overdosed 3 times after Ivy Ridge cult school hell where ‘acid-trip’ seminars told students if they’d live or die

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THE Academy at Ivy Ridge billed itself as a boarding school to help reform troubled teens, but two ex-students say their stay at the abusive facility left them traumatized and irrevocably scarred.

Childhood friends Julie Peysakhova and Roman Kupershteyn were enrolled into Ivy Ridge by their parents under very different circumstances in the spring of 2005.

Roman, like so many of his Ivy Ridge contemporaries, was caught by surprise when he returned home one night in March to find two strange hooded men standing in his living room, who informed him: “You’re coming with us.”

He was thrown over one of the men’s shoulders, tossed into the back of a car, and driven for hours through the night with no idea of where he was heading.

Roman, then 15, had been a straight-A student up until ninth grade.

But by his own admission, in what he attributed to a burst of teenage angst, he started skipping out on lessons to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol with his friends.

Content retrieved from: https://www.the-sun.com/news/10612998/academy-at-ivy-ridge-netflix-cult-school-seminars-overdose/.

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