‘I Do Hate You’—Alex Jones Threatens, Berates Ex-Wife in Audio Clip

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“I’m not afraid of you,” said Alex Jones’ then-wife Kelly Jones.

“No, you better be afraid of the consequences,” Alex shot back.

In a six-minute audio clip obtained by DailyMail.com Thursday, Alex can be heard venomously berating his now ex-wife with insults and threats in what Kelly alleges was regular behavior for the Infowars founder.

The audio, recorded in November 2009, is from an argument between Alex and Kelly that stemmed from a lost iPhone. In the clip, Alex repeatedly threatened Kelly, who said she was sick with pneumonia at the time, telling her several times, “You better learn.” He also called her a “loser” and “really trashy.”

“I do hate you,” Alex said. “You’re just like your mother.”

At one point, Alex told his ex-wife that she was “going to flip” when he goes to “start another family and stuff.” Kelly told The Daily Beast that threats like this were commonplace from Alex.

“He’s a total racist,” she told the Beast, in reference to her Jewish heritage. “Alex used to tell me all the time that he was going to start a new family because my genes were flawed.”

Content retrieved from: https://www.thedailybeast.com/alex-jones-kelly-nichols-audio-clip-leaked.

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