How Kirstie Alley Lost Herself in Scientology

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In 2018, Cheers and Look Who’s Talking actress Kirstie Alley showed up in a Church of Scientology publication called Freewinds.

The magazine is named after Scientology’s private cruise ship, which sails the Caribbean and caters to wealthy church members who know it’s the only place where they can receive the highest level of “auditing” that Scientology offers: OT VIII.

Short for “Operating Thetan Level Eight,” OT VIII is the pinnacle of achievement for any Scientologist, and reaching it requires advanced courses, interrogations, counseling sessions, going “Clear” (or conquering the “reactive mind”), and other steps that can add up to $1 million or more.

“Now here I stand a new OT VIII shiny, fresh, and calm…I now fully have the confront that puts me right up that damn confront scale with other Scientology Freedom Fighters!” Alley told the magazine.

Scientologists are told that if they can reach OT VIII, they will be “cause over matter, energy, space, and time,” which translates to various superhuman abilities, including being impervious to disease.

The reality, however, is that Scientologists never demonstrate the superpowers that the controversial religion’s founder L. Ron Hubbard promised when he dreamed up the OT levels in the 1960s, and OTs end up being all too mortal.

Yesterday, Kirstie Alley’s son and daughter announced on social media that their mother had died after a short battle with cancer. She was 71.

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