How Katie Holmes Got Away From Tom Cruise and Scientology

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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were one of the defining power couples of the 2000s. The reasons weren’t all positive, however. As with all of Cruise’s marriages, his time with the former Dawson’s Creek actor was something of a strange public spectacle thanks to his involvement with the Church of Scientology.

Holmes was distressingly quiet about her situation while married to the Top Gun star. Eventually, she had a dramatic split with both Cruise, and the clutches of the notoriously possessive Scientology leadership. While not all the details are public knowledge, there are a few shocking details out there about how Holmes got away from Scientology and her superstar ex-husband.

Holmes first mentioned an affinity for Cruise in 2004. A year later, the pair went public and were regularly seen together in Los Angeles. Holmes showed no overt signs of ties to Scientology during this time, but it coincided with her then-boyfriend’s infamous outburst on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her fans from her Dawson’s Creek days were baffled by the connection, but cautiously optimistic given Cruise’s status.

Things got increasingly odd from here. Holmes started turning down roles just as her career was taking off. She was pregnant by October 2005. She walked away from millions to reprise her Batman Begins role as Rachel Dawes, preferring to switch gears. While she didn’t walk away from acting entirely, her choices were increasingly limited and erratic.

According to The Daily Beast, her seven years in Scientology overlapped with a strangely curated period of films that nearly ruined her career. Instead of The Dark Knight, she went with the critically-derided Mad Money. She no longer gave her usual excitable interviews; she went so quiet that to fans, it felt like she went underground.

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  1. Katie Holmes may not be able to talk publicly about Scientology, but her actions speak louder than words. She fled the purported “cult” seemingly afraid of its influence.

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