‘His ex-wife spent years planning her escape’: Tom Cruise Called Hollywood’s Most Powerful Cultist as Fans Attack Scientology in Viral Post

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As much as Tom Cruise is famous for his movies and work in Hollywood, the superstar actor is also known for his ties to the Church of Scientology. He has recently been in discussion regarding his estranged daughter with Katie Holmes, Suri. After being introduced to the church via his first wife, Mimi Rogers, he has been constantly associated with it. His dedication to the organization is also the alleged reason behind his severe marriage with Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman.

Despite all the claims made by former members of Scientology in an attempt to expose the organization, the Mission Impossible star’s reputation doesn’t seem to be too affected by his association with it. And the frustration about it seems to be crossing all limits as people start calling out the 60-year-old actor.

Content retrieved from: https://fandomwire.com/his-ex-wife-spent-years-planning-her-escape-tom-cruise-called-hollywoods-most-powerful-cultist-as-fans-attack-scientology-in-viral-post/.

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