Hey Matt Walsh — where’s the transparency?

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By Brian Birmingham

Matt Walsh of “The Daily Wire” made the documentary “What Is A Woman?” He also spearheaded the “End of Child Mutilation Rally” in Nashville last fall, and he was part of an investigation which closed the transgender clinic at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Walsh is host of his own conservative political commentary show, “The Matt Walsh Show,” which is streamed online almost every day, and he has written four books, including one children’s book.

Matt Walsh is an important and very influential voice in the American conservative movement, especially among the Millennial generation.

Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh is also identifying himself as a Christian, specifically as a Roman Catholic. But he’s said on his show that a Catholic church is the last place that somebody should go, if they want to learn about Catholicism. Walsh has called Pope Francis a disgrace and has expressed his appreciation for church history and church tradition. He talks a lot about bringing back “chivalry” and traditional displays of masculinity. Walsh also talks about traditional marriage, traditional nuclear families, the need for “sexual purity” and the cultivation of wisdom. He speaks in very conservative Catholic terms. However, noting the things he says about the contemporary Catholic church itself leads one to think that Matt Walsh is not really a part of mainstream American Catholicism.

So, what kind of Catholic and which church or organization does Matt Walsh support?

The Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) organization was founded in 1960 in Brazil, by a Catholic priest named Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. TFP was organized, and its mission was directed, according to the principles outlined in Oliveira’s 1959 book, “Revolution and Counter-Revolution” which argued from a position of far-right, pre-Vatican 2 Catholic traditionalism. TFP is a little-known and very obscure group which the general public knows little about, since its numbers are small. According to the TFP website, there are less that one hundred members of TFP, all of whom are volunteers, and many thousands of affiliates and supporters who support the goals of the TFP through its campaign known as “America Needs Fatima.”

“Chivalry,” “purity,” and “wisdom” are three virtues promoted by a traditionalist Catholic organization known as the American Society for the Defense of Truth, Family, and Property, or the American TFP. These three words are TFP buzzwords, and they are also words and concepts that Matt Walsh uses and promotes on his show, in different forms, very frequently.

Walsh has also endorsed “America Needs Fatima,” in his public speaking engagements.

What conclusion does this lead to regarding Matt Walsh?

Matt Walsh apparently is somehow connected to the American TFP and uses his various platforms to support and promote its agenda.

CultNews reached out to Matt Walsh via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms and asked him directly if he is connected to, or affiliated with, TFP and all those queries were ignored.

To date, Mr. Walsh has chosen not reply or respond about the strangely coincidental parallels between what he says and the TFP organization principles, which some have called a type of political “cult” with a religious front.

“The TFP has nearly 75 full-time members or volunteers. It also has a large supporters network. The TFP and its affiliate America Needs Fatima campaign lists some 120,000 supporting members who contribute to its efforts.”

Watch the video on YouTube to get a better idea of what the TFP is like.

Matt Walsh has made a career out of seeking transparency and accountability from others with whom he disagrees (especially those in the media), and Matt Walsh frequently says on his show that he seeks to hold people in power to their own standards.

But what about accountability from Matt Walsh? Does he consistently abide by his own standards?

Here are the simple easy to answer questions that Mr. Walsh seems to have difficulty answering:

1. Are you now, or have you ever been, involved in any way, shape, or form with the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP)?

2. If you are not involved with, or connected somehow to TFP, then what Catholic church or organization are you affiliated with now?

3. Are you actively involved with and/or a supporter of “America Needs Fatima”?

The general public, and especially social conservatives, deserve to know whose agenda Matt Walsh is supporting and promoting.

Walsh must be as transparent and accountable, as he expects others to be. And if he is not willing to be accountable and transparent, then both he and his associates are hypocrites that are every bit as dishonest as the Leftists they denounce and seek to expose.

Note: Brian Birmingham is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts in Boston with a BA in Psychology and Sociology. He is a native of Dallas.

Content retrieved from: https://cultnews.com/2023/01/hey-matt-walsh-wheres-the-transparency/.

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