Former Mormon details the kids’ songs that the ultra-strict church uses to ‘brainwash’ children

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A former member of the Mormon church has revealed the unsettling melodies the sect would teach to kids as young as primary school.

Alyssa Grenfell, 31, has built a fanbase of hundreds of thousands of followers over the past few years as she’s shared her story – from being raised in a devout Mormon family to her decision to leave the church as a young adult.

Often delving into the many idiosyncrasies of growing up Mormon, Alyssa has most recently revealed – and performed – a number of songs she was taught in her religious school from childhood.

First up, and most jaw-dropping, was ‘I Like Mormon Boys,’ sung to the tune of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Baby Got Back, the iconic early ’90s rap homage to women with prominent rear ends.

The very explicit lyrics include phrases such as ‘when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face, you get sprung’ and ‘My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun.’

The creepily sanitized Mormon version, of which Alyssa performed the first few lines, are as follows: ‘I like Mormon boys and I cannot lie / You other girls can’t deny / When a guy walks in with scripture case and a smile on his face you get a date!

‘A celestial mate! / Oh but wait! / He’s going on a mission leavin’ you wishing that you had a man / Someone to hold your hand.

‘So deacons! (what) Teachers! (what) We don’t want your features / ‘Cause your brothers are hot and you are not / So bring on those righteous priests, HUH!’

A quick Google search revealed several videos of pre-teen girls enthusiastically reciting the lyrics to the rhythm of the original Baby Got Back verse.

The next song Alyssa described is called Follow the Prophet, which, she added, kids are taught starting at age three.

The lyrics, which repeat ‘Follow the prophet,’ in reference to adhering to the teachings of Mormon church founder Joseph Smith, conclude: ‘Follow the prophet, don’t go astray / Follow the prophet, he knows the waaay.’

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