Former girlfriend of Danny Masterson shares disturbing testimony in retrial

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After a jury failed to reach a verdict last year regarding rape charges against Danny Masterson, the actor’s retrial began on Monday. Variety reports the prosecution was more aggressive in accusing Masterson of drugging his victims in the opening arguments, while the specter of Scientology—Masterson is a member of the church, while the three victims are former members—continues to hang over the proceedings.

On Tuesday, Masterson’s former girlfriend testified about the assault she experienced in 2001. Per the Associated Press, she said he had been woken in the night by Masterson initiating sex with her and gone along with it to avoid angering him. But on this occasion, “I told him ‘no, I don’t want to have sex.’ He didn’t listen to me,” she said. “So I continued pleading with him, like, ‘please get off of me, no.’ And he was continuing. And it was painful. And I remember trying to push his chest up off of me. I couldn’t get him off of me.”

The woman reportedly became emotional in her testimony, telling the jury that Masterson had a rule not to touch his face or hair. “If I did this, I knew it wouldn’t be good. But I believed it would maybe make him stop,” she said. After yanking his hair, he allegedly “hit her in the jaw with a partially closed fist, spat on her, and stormed off,” according to the AP.

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