Fletcher responds to allegations that she joined a transphobic cult

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Hot on the heels of releasing her sophomore album, In Search of the Antidote, Fletcher has refuted allegations that she’s involved with a controversial group that some believe to be a cult.

Last Friday, what should have been a celebratory album release was tempered by concerns from fans who had, for months, been seeking answers about the singer’s connections to the Modern Mystery School (MMS).

The website for the international organization features more than enough to earn a side-eye from anyone familiar with cults. It harps on spirituality and finding “your true purpose in life,” promotes a path of “Initiation” offered through their programs, and advertises a number of classes and workshops for its students to progress through (for increasingly hefty fees, of course).

“The Modern Mystery School is in service to all of humanity to assist in the ascension of the human consciousness on this planet,” reads their mission statement. “This is a mission the school and its lineage holders have been working towards for over 3,000 years.”

A deep dive on the group by Vice in 2021 mentioned members being afraid to speak on the record due to signing NDAs or concerns over “physical or spiritual consequences.” Some denied that MMS is a cult, while others made allegations of bullying and manipulation, as well as financial and sexual exploitation.

It’s also worth noting that the Core Values page of the website devotes a paragraph to insisting there are only two genders: “We then believe in the individual’s freedom to regard themselves as whatever or whoever makes them happy, but that the facts are indisputable that our foundational physicality is that we are all born either male or female and that there are undeniable differences in that foundation.”

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