Fijians warned of another potential pyramid scheme-type scam

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Members of the public are now being warned of a new potential scam similar to last year’s infamous EbayShop scam that resulted in considerable losses to many Fijians.

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission has now alerted people of the new form of scam and it was monitoring a group called the ‘Elite Society’, which is recruiting people on social media, primarily Facebook.

The FCCC is working closely with the anti-scam taskforce, spearheaded by the Ministry of Trade, Co[1]operatives, SMEs and Communications.

It states the scheme presented has many of the markers of a ‘pyramid scheme’, specifically in the guise of multi-level marketing.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade Manoa Kamikamica has called for vigilance and cautioned against the lure of quick profits.

“Last year’s EbayShop scam is a stark reminder of the consequences of ignoring warnings from regulatory bodies. Take this as a warning – we do not want you to lose your hard-earned money through such scams,” Mr Kamikamica said.

“That is the most dangerous aspect of these scams. Scammers are adept at persuasion, leading victims to a false sense of security before vanishing with their investments.

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