Feds bust leader of neo-Nazi cult who used Discord and Telegram to groom and exploit children

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The leader of a racist pedophile cult was arrested late last week following a seven-month-long investigation by the FBI into a network of Telegram and Discord servers dedicated to spreading neo-Nazi ideology and exploiting children, according to court documents reviewed by Business Insider.

The initial complaint, which the court unsealed on December 15, indicates Kalana Limkin of Hawaii has been the subject of a criminal investigation since May and, upon his arrest, admitted to law enforcement that he is the creator of “Cultist,” a splinter group of the satanic anarchist organization known as “764,” that targets children and uses child sexual abuse material and videos of animal cruelty, self-harm, and other extreme acts of violence to “accelerate chaos in society.”

Content retrieved from: https://www.businessinsider.com/feds-bust-nazi-cult-telegram-discord-grooming-exploit-children-2023-12#.

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