Family desperate for return of relative who joined 7M, ‘brainwashing cult’ behind viral TikTok dancing videos

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“On one level, the spheres of influence the 7M mandate describes are a good summary of institutions that shape our culture,” Poyrthress wrote. “Anyone with strong convictions, whether conservative, liberal, Muslim, Jewish, or secular, naturally wants his values to be adopted and heralded on all seven ‘mountains.’

“But the 7M mandate goes further…. The perspective is ultimately built on a dual misunderstanding of Scripture and of Christ’s purposes in the world.”

Its popularity has grown from 20 percent of American adults and 30 percent of American Christian adults in March 2023 to 41 percent by January 2024, according to a May scholarly poll by Deninson University Professor Paul Djupe.

The Attorney General’s Office said there are no written complaints about 7M or Shinn with the office, and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office didn’t immediately respond to questions.

Fox News Digital filed public records requests with the Los Angeles Police Department.

There is an online petition that has collected over 16,100 signatures imploring law enforcement to investigate and bring criminal charges against Shinn.

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