Everything to Know About Alex Jones’ Net Worth in 2024

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Alex Jones is arguably the most controversial person in political media. The radio show host and conspiracy theorist has been a fixture of right-wing media since the early 2000s. He’s never far from the news or controversy as he has consistently made headlines for his claims. Most recently, he made news when he was hit with judgements for more than $1.487 billion for falsehoods he peddled about the Sandy Hook shooting.

Given Jones’ immense popularity and the media empire he has built at InfoWars, many have wondered just how much money he has. After the judgement in the Sandy Hook cases, he declared personal bankruptcy in December of 2022. What follows is a look at Jones’ finances and just what he’s worth and how much he makes from InfoWars and his show.

Documents show Jones is worth around $14 million, even as he constantly discusses his financial issues while begging fans to buy his products during The Alex Jones Show. In fact, a filing shows Jones’ personal spending topped $93,000 in July of 2023 alone. In October, a judge ruled that Jones couldn’t use bankruptcy protection to avoid paying money from the Sandy Hook judgements.

Court documents show Jones having assents that include a $2.6 million home, a $2.2 million ranch, a $1.8 million lake house, a $500,000 rental property and various vehicles worth more than $330,000. Meanwhile, his business continues to rake in cash. In July the company brought in $2.5 million in revenue.

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