Everybody’s Talking About ‘Shen Yun’ — Is It a Cult? Inside the Dance Show’s Ideology

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It’s that time of year again when flowers bloom, we go outside, and Shen Yun is back in town. It seems as if no one has seen Shen Yun, but we all know what it is. It returns year after year to spread anti-Communist cheer through the art form of dance. Its marketing may be considered one of the most successful campaigns of our time, and now, curiosity has killed the cat, sending many TikTokers to performances of Shen Yun.

Because of this, conspiracy theories are swirling through TikTok about what Shen Yun truly is. Is it a dance performance or a highly politicized piece of propaganda promoting a “cult” called Falun Gong? And how long are the performances of Shen Yun?

In recent days and weeks, various TikTokers have taken to the platform to share their experiences with Shen Yun. Amelia G. Milne tried to give a review but said it was too “wild” to review. Her grandmother’s only feedback was “that she wishes there was more dancing.” Amelia continued to mention instances of a Jesus spirit, a lion spirit, and the “anti-Communist party they were doing propaganda for.” Another user then commented that “Shen Yun is culty and wild.”

In addition, TikToker bennygoodmanisagod shared what he knew about Shen Yun when he came across some of those omnipresent flyers: “Shen Yun is a f–king cult. It is a performance run by a cult named Falun Gong, and they’re very dangerous, so if you see anyone with Shen Yun posters, if you see any Shen Yun billboards out in public, do not give it any attention, and God forbid, do not go to any of their performances. They are dangerous.”

Shen Yun is run and sponsored by the religious group Falun Gong, led by a controversial man called Master Li Hongzhi. Falun Gong incorporates elements of Buddhism and Taoism, using qigong practice as its central idea to achieve enlightenment. However, they also tie in anti-science propaganda and the threat of alien life.

Content retrieved from: https://www.distractify.com/p/shen-yun-conspiracy-tiktok.

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