Ethnic Chinese boy identified as a white supremacist and planned to carry out attacks after being radicalised online

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A Chinese teenager from Singapore who identified as a white supremacist after being radicalised online planned out school shootings in the US, and other terror attacks across the world.

The boy, who has not been named, planned on carrying out racially motivated attacks overseas to further the cause of white supremacy, Singapore’s Internal Security Department (ISD) said.

He was released at the age of 19 in January, following a three-year detention period in which he went though an intensive rehabilitation programme to deal with his extremist views, which were cultivated by years of exposure to far-right media.

The boy, the second to be detained under Singapore’s Internal Security Act, first saw videos published by far-right white supremacist Paul Nicholas Miller, also known as GypsyCrusader, who cosplays as various pop culture figures and shared anti-Semitic and racist views online.

Miller was imprisoned for 41 months after pleading guilty to firearms charges in the US in June 2021.

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