‘End of days’: Inside the sect whose misplaced hatred killed three Queenslanders

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A US national, arrested by the FBI after a religiously motivated terrorist attack in Australia that claimed the lives of two police officers and a good samaritan, has been linked to the “End of Days” sect.

It is alleged the 58-year-old man sent messages with “end of days ideology” to people involved in the December 2022 fatal shootings up to 18 months before the Queensland attack.

One of the two indictments issued against the man relate to the incitement of violence online in connection to the attack.

Constables Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow were gunned down in cold blood by Nathaniel, Gareth and Stacey Train after the officers arrived at a Wieambilla property west of Brisbane almost a year ago.

Content retrieved from: https://inqld.com.au/news/2023/12/07/end-of-days-inside-the-fundamentalist-sect-whose-hatred-killed-three-queenslanders/.

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