Eden or the Apocalypse? Survivalists Literally Burn It All Down in The Garden: Commune or Cult (Exclusive)

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The most nefarious cults sometimes are the ones hidden in plain sight.

Sprawled across 22 acres of land in the south lies The Garden, an enigmatic, leaderless community that is now the subject of the limited series The Garden: Commute or Cult, premiering on Oct. 29 on Discovery Channel. At The Garden, residents don’t live by society’s long-held rules, and newcomers must undergo an “initiation period.”

“Some barely last a week, others are forced to leave and a chosen few will call The Garden home for good,” states the press release.

The show’s crew were granted an unprecedented level of access to The Garden while following a new crop of initiates, including Tyler, a veteran and doomsday prepper, Tisheila, a truck driver survivalist, “Oak,” a longtime desk jockey and Jessica, a former cheerleader. The group has 10 days to prove they’re a good fit for The Garden.

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