Disturbing Posts Show Neo-Nazi Shooter Planned to Target Texas Mall

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The gunman who opened fire on an Allen, Texas shopping mall on Saturday, killing eight, appears to have posted neo-Nazi content on the social media site OK.ru, where his profile picture was a smiley face with a Hitler mustache.

The existence of the profile, which glorifies murder and Nazis, was previously revealed by The New York Times, which reported that investigators are looking into the account. Bellingcat researcher Aric Toler identified the account on Monday, along with a corresponding YouTube account on which the shooter, Mauricio Garcia, posted his face and name. Although investigators have yet to announce a motive for the killing, the OK.ru account chronicles more than three years of an apparent fixation with Nazis.

Some of the account’s most recent posts appear to foreshadow the mass killing. On April 16, it uploaded a series of pictures outside the Allen Outlet Mall’s H&M entrance, where Garcia would later open fire. It also shared screenshots of a page indicating the mall’s busiest hours. In late April, the account shared pictures of body armor laden with magazines for a rifle. The bulletproof vest had a patch reading “RWDS,” an acronym for “right wing death squad.” Law enforcement had previously referenced the patch when identifying Garcia as a potential politically motivated extremist. The following day, the account posted pictures of a torso (presumably Garcia’s own) tattooed with a swastika and Nazi SS bolts, alongside a caption railing against “diversity.”

The OK.ru user also uploaded a picture of his hand, which appeared to bear the same tattoo as the shooter, and an old identification card with the name “Mauricio.” A picture of receipt for multiple guns, uploaded in January, has the name “Mauricio,” along with a poorly redacted phone number that appears to match one identified as the shooter’s.

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