Disgraceful: CBS Shows No Integrity, Runs Ad for Dangerous Scientology Cult Three Times

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CBS and the NFL showed no integrity whatsoever tonight.

They ran an ad for the cult of Scientology at least three times before, during, and after the Super Bowl game.

“A lot of people wonder what Scientology is,” says the narrator.

What is it? A dangerous cult that destroys lives, leaving its members often broke and permanently separated from their families.

They’ve been the subject of numerous books, documentaries, and miniseries exposing their dangers. They are current being sued by former member Leah Remini. Last year, celebrity Danny Masterson — a life long member — was sentenced to 30 years in jail for raping two women. Scientology did everything it could to protect him

And still CBS had the nerve to show this ad. They’ve done it before, but at this point they have no excuse. Is the money really worth it? William S. Paley would be horrified. Sheri Redstone, who owns CBS and Viacom should be, too.

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