Danny Masterson’s rape retrial: Accuser says Scientology attorney tried to intimidate her

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LOS ANGELES (KABC) — It was a riveting week at the rape trial of actor and celebrity Scientologist Danny Masterson, with two requests for a mistrial, an alleged victim accusing a Scientology attorney of witness intimidation, and a confrontation in the courtroom hallway that could have led to a mistrial.

The woman identified in court as “Jane Doe 1” returned to the witness stand on May 1, telling the jury that she was drugged, choked, and raped by Masterson in April of 2003 after she said Masterson threw her in the Jacuzzi at his Hollywood Hills home.

“I couldn’t hold myself up, I couldn’t see,” Jane Doe 1 testified. “My head was spinning, almost an out of body experience… I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t get air.”

Jane Doe 1 said she told the Church of Scientology about the alleged rape, but instead of “handling” Masterson, she said she was punished by the Church for reporting him. She told the jury that her Scientology Ethics Officer told her she could not use the word “rape,” she could not go to the police, or she’d be declared a “suppressive person,” — and that she was forced to go through an ethics program that included past life therapy to figure out what she had done to cause the rape.

“I was on a very extensive program… to see if I had any evil purposes to harm myself that caused this to happen — had I raped anyone in a previous lifetime,” Jane Doe 1 testified. “I was struggling with that concept.”

Jane Doe 1 said she defied the Church by going to police in June of 2004, but after the LAPD closed her case without any charges, she testified she was pressured by Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon and Masterson’s then-attorney Marty Singer to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

Jane Doe 1 testified that she was told by Moxon that Scientology had already issued a “declare” order on her, and if she did not sign the NDA, she would be declared a Suppressive Person.

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