Danny Masterson Becomes Cell Block Boss, Manipulates Inmates For Protection

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Former That 70s Star Danny Masterson recently celebrated his 48th birthday behind bars at the California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo, California. His ex-wife and daughter visited the celebrity. However, Masterson is aware that life as he knew it is over, and he has come up with some clever and manipulated ways to ensure his safety and survival as he serves the next three decades behind bars.

Danny Masterson has found out that he is a reasonably famous prisoner. Many of the other inmates are super fans of Mastersons. Once he discovered that, he didn’t waste time manipulating the other prisoners with celebrity status and fame.

Prison is a dangerous place, and according to InTouch, Danny knew if he wanted to survive, he would need help. Over the years, he has learned a thing or two regarding his star status and Scientology connections. So, he devised a plan that used his best qualities and put together his prison squad to keep him safe.

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